What are the origins of the Charcoal Powder ?

We've all seen this famous black powder all over social media but what is it exactly ?

Resulting from the carbonization of organic vegetable matter such as wood, bark or coconut shells, its absorbent and lightening properties, charcoal powder effectively removes and eliminates the colouring agents deposited on the tooth surface, restoring a radiant shade.

Not all coal powders on the market are the same; as with all products, there are different qualities and ingredients. Not effective, stain the sink or grainy and grind the teeth, these powders always end up at the bottom of the bathroom cabinet.

How to choose a natural product to whiten your teeth?

Igy White's refined activated carbon powder is elaborated with the most precious natural ingredients to be able to bring the desired result to its customers: to clean, and whiten your teeth in one brushing.

Its dual bactericidal and detoxifying action makes this refined activated carbon powder the ideal natural remedy against dental stains and yellowish colors.

How to use the powder effectively?

To bind the effectiveness of the product, brush daily 1x/day with the powder, rinse and brush your teeth with the whitening toothpaste. The results are guaranteed and this refined activated carbon powder will very quickly become your trump card to remedy forgotten brushing.

Find the eco-carbon pack on our shop.

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