These foods naturally whiten your teeth!

You don't eat much fruit? We're not going to judge you. But you'll change your mind very quickly!

Some foods can, by their components, remove stains and make your teeth shine.

More strawberries for whiter teeth

Who'd have believed it? This little red fruit, found everywhere in our supermarkets, can, thanks to their enzymes, clean the surface of the enamel and make your teeth shine.

The carrot that stimulates your saliva

Its dry and abrasive texture helps clean the surface of your teeth and the best part is that it stimulates saliva in your mouth. It cleans and removes dead cells from the gums and enamel.

Banana peel

So now nobody told you to eat the skin! On the other hand, you can rub the inside of the skin on your teeth for about 2 minutes and leave it on for 15 minutes. Brush your teeth as usual, and as if by magic: an extra shade of whiteness. Thank you igy White.

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